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Weight Loss Hot Chilli/Coffee Slimming Gel

Viktminskning Varm Chili / Kaffe Bantning Gel

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Want to get slim and fit? Introducing the Weight Loss Hot Chilli/Coffee Slimming Gel The new slimming product popular in Asia! EASY, NATURAL, AND SAFE! This slimming gel is made from natural plant ingredients made in accordance with traditional medicine TCM and modern scientific technology to produce the effective results of plant bioactivity. Helps to burn fat, accelerates metabolism and slimming process. Effectively minimizes the appearance of slackened skin due to water retention, tiredness, weight gain, weight loss and aging. Works on Men as well.This product is absorbed by the skin and targets fats by burning them. Ingredients: Chili: Red Pepper, Natural Bee Glue, Ginger Extract, Seaweed Essence, Carbopol, Tea, Water, E.D.T.A Coffee: Coffee, Natural chili oil, the essence of seaweeds, ivies, CARBOPOL, Exceparl-Ho excel T-95 1805, Kalcol-8670, Glycerin, Water, MP, PP. How to use?
  • Use it as a body cream.
  • Massage on arms, waist, tummy, buttocks, thigh, and leg in an upward direction until it is absorbed.
  • Apply twice daily, you'll feel the heat after 15 minutes. If the heat is not too strong for you, you may cover applied body areas with plastic wrap (body wrap) to enhance the effectiveness of the gel.
  • Use it in the sauna for the extra punch.
  CONTRAINDICATION: Pregnant women and lactating women. People with sensitive skin.  DISCLAIMER: This product cannot replace medicine. Specifications
  • Net Weight:  85ml / 2.8oz
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years
  • Package Includes: 1 Tube of Slimming Gel
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Weight Loss Hot Chilli/Coffee Slimming Gel

Viktminskning Varm Chili / Kaffe Bantning Gel

179 kr